Presentation Skills For Beginners – Free Yourself Up On Your Own Stage

If you are singing live on stage, you will be given a stage microphone so that you sing your heart out to mesmerize your audiences. It is all about experience, you will not have stage fright if you have performing numerous of times in front of large audiences. But being nervous is pure emotion that you could not avoid, even though how many times you have improvised your speech earlier.

Do not be misunderstood that you need to start learning how to sing. Certainly, there is a way to control your nervousness when you perform on stage in front of your distinguish guests.

What if you set your own stage for your speech practice sessions?

You will be more casual when you feel comfortable on your own stage. It is like invite your friends and family to come over your place for a ball game or a drink in your living room. It is much better to face humiliation when you improvise your speech before them rather than in front of unfamiliar audiences.

Main concern is how do you set your own stage?

It like putting a home theater set in your living room. Living room size does not really matter in this case as long it is able to fit in few audiences (less than 10 persons). Prepare some seats for them to make them feel extremely comfortable. The most important is the complete home theater set which includes sound speakers and microphone.

Let’s us start with the microphone. Most amateur presenters will have shaky hands when they hold the microphone. Basically, there are 101-holding microphone pose that distracts your audiences. Worst come to worst, that is how stage fright come to haunt you which spoils the whole performance. In order to avoid that from happening, it is better to use a wireless lapel microphone kit so you can move your two hands naturally as you speak. This is how it reduces your nervousness and it will reduce your stress level. This particular microphone has wireless 500-feet range feature which means that you can move around when you speak in front of your audiences.

On the other hand, you do not have to spend much money on new PA sound system. For more convenient use, get yourself a portable PA sound system rather that fits in every corners of your living room. During practice sessions, your audiences will be able to listen to your speech without noticing much on your sound speakers. Make sure you control the sound volume so that it will not disturb your neighbors unless you invite them to come over to join your practice sessions.

If you want your Powerpoint presentations to look professional, use a presentation remote to change your slides which resembles the click of a mouse button. It is also used as a laser pointer to pinpoint important points at your slide display. In order to have bigger slide display for your audiences, it is better to use a digital projector in which it is strategically placed within your living room.

Start setting up your own stage as a preparation medium to improvise your speech in front of your audiences. Soon, you will be more confident and able to inspire any audiences on a real stage.

Presentation Involves Your Very Vital Career Success

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Are Slides Required To Be Used In A Presentation?

There are 2 conflicting thought schools, about using slides, both with studies to prove them right.

The first set of studies show that when doing two things simultaneously, you don’t do either well. For example, if a person is talking on the phone and driving, then he loses his ability to concentrate on processing visual information. This is why it is unsafe to drive when listening on the phone. ( Ref: ERP Study 2010).

For presenters this means that if you provide a lot of information to process on slides as well as talk at the same time, your audience will not be able to process both at the same time. This happens when what you are talking a lot and there is a lot to be processed on the slides as well.

On the other hand, there are studies that show that sight is the most used sense with over 75% of stimuli being received through visual perception. There are new studies which also show this – that listening skills improve when strong visual stimuli are provided. That is, the eyes and ears work together to make the stimuli received faster. (BMC Neuroscience (2008, August 12). Sound Adds Speed To Visual Perception. )

What do all these studies mean to us as presenters? They are not really as conflicting as they sound. Here are some conclusions:

1. Use Slides: It is important to use slides or other visual media as it helps process and retain information better.

2. Ensure co-ordination: Processing information happens when there is a clear link between what is being said and what is being shown. So content on slides needs to be well-coordinated with what is being said.

3. Reduce words: Visual elements on slides do not mean words. A large number of sentences are more difficult to process. In that case, audience either hears what you are saying or just read the slides.

4. Use more images: Images and diagrams are easier to process while listening at the same time. this is because they work in conjunction.

5. Pause when required: When there is a slide that is slightly complex, it helps to stop for a few moments to allow the audience to absorb what is written. Then continue with your presentation.

6. Use the power of speech and visuals: As trainers and salespeople, it is critical when we present for audience to understand and remember what we say. The technique we use is to first talk and explain the concept. Then we quickly run through the slides on the same. This ensures that what was said is also ‘seen’ and revised. This aids memory without causing conflict between listening and viewing.

Lastly and most importantly, don’t put everything you want to say on the slides and then read them. This just irritates the audience since they can read what is written on the slides themselves.

Happy presenting!