Public Speaking: Add Magic to Your Presentations

There is just something about a magic trick during a public speaking engagement that grabs people. The nice thing about it is that as a public speaker who uses magic to make a point, you are not held to the high standards you would be held to if you were a professional magician.

I do some simple magic that would probably make a real magician throw up, yet I get comments from the audience that they loved my ‘illusions.’ Think about some of the points you make during your speech that might need a little extra pizazz to make them memorable.

Visit a magic shop and tell the proprietor what you want to accomplish and that your skill level is zero. Most good magic shops have literally thousands oftricks to pick from for all skill levels and all audience sizes.

Magic tricks are also a fun way to add some lightheartedness and WOW factor to your presentations. The points you make and the comedy aspect of the magic usually come from the ‘patter’ (what the magician says while doing the trick). You can even buy books of comic patter. Many magic tricks are now on video which makes them infinitely easier to learn than trying to read them from a book. An excellent tape for rope tricks is ‘Daryl’s Rope Tricks #7.’ Your local magic shop probably has it and if they don’t they can probably order it.

I really like to learn magic from videos because you can see the trick in action. Reading them from a book is OK, and very useful, but you just can’t beat video training. Two good magic videos for speakers by master magician Tom Ogden are ‘Teaching and Training with Magic’ and ‘The Magic of Creativity.’ I got these two videos from Royal Publishing & Walters Speakers Services (626) 335-8069.

Presentation Involves Your Very Vital Career Success

Looking for a great birthday present to surprise your kids? Want to find the perfect Christmas present to give to one of your nieces or nephews? Here’s a great suggestion…why not look for a Mini ATV? Mini ATV is a smaller version of what we used to call the All-Terrain Vehicle. ATVs were first used in farms and fields to aid workers in their daily tasks. But now, many people ride ATVs for fun and for recreation. In fact, it’s so popular these days that even kids can have fun on their own Mini ATVs.

With the growing demand for Mini ATV, manufacturers have designed and developed smaller ATV to suit young kids…as young as 4-years-old. Is it safe for kids to ride ATVs? Well, an ATV can be dangerous in the hands of an ill-informed rider but if you educate and train your kids well, there’s really nothing to be afraid of. In fact, many latest Mini ATV models these days come packed with safety features to help parents intervene in times of trouble. The important thing is to make your children understand that they have to abide by the safety rules that you have outlined for them whenever they ride their Mini ATV. It’s advisable for parents to invest in some safety gears and Mini ATV accessories. So, get some Mini ATV accessories to go with the present as well!!

When Mini ATV was first introduced, they were a little on the pricey side considering their size and capacity. But now, things are different. Many companies from the US and other parts of the world are producing good or reasonable quality Mini ATVs today, therefore, the price have taken a dramatic dip. So, Mini ATV today is actually quite affordable. It will make a fabulous present for young kids who love the outdoor and likes adventures!! It may sound as if only boys will enjoy Mini ATV, but this is far from the truth because we have seen many young girls who are addicted and attached to their Mini ATVs!

It would be even better if each family member have their own ATV to ride. This will make family trips more fun! Imagine, everyone can ride their own ATV…you on your own full-sized ATV and the kids on their Mini ATV…and you can spend holidays out in trails or camping locations!

So, start surfing for the right ATV to give to your children for their birthdays or as Christmas gifts now! You won’t regret it.

4 Effective Strategies to Harness the Power of Enthusiasm in Any Presentation!

These four tips are centered on one word. Enthusiasm!

You can spice up any presentation by being enthusiastic. Regardless of your background, topic, audience or your personality, you can be enthusiastic. How, you may ask?

By paying attention to the next four strategies…

o Speaking with feeling
o Think About your Audience
o Animated Delivery
o Enthusiasm that fits the Topic

1st Strategy – Speak With Feeling – Be emotionally involved in your subject. When preparing your presentation you will want to place yourself in the shoes of your listener. Maybe at one point you were exactly where they were.

Feel the material!

2nd Strategy – Think about Your Audience – You must have the conviction that your audience needs to hear the message you have prepared for them. Analyze why your listeners needs to hear your message.

Ask these two questions to yourself.

1. How will my listeners benefit from the information I am presenting?
2. How can I present it in a way that they will appreciate it?

Work and re-work the material until you have something to be excited about.

3rd Strategy – Animated Delivery – You can do this by use of facial expressions that fit the idea you are developing. You must sound convinced that you are sharing useful information.

Do not become too emotional though, you will detract from your message and make the focus on you. The will lessen your message, never do this.

4th Strategy – Enthusiasm That Fits the Topic – Your main points should always be presented enthusiastically. Build those peaks and climaxes in your presentation. These “peaks” and “climaxes” should be a call to action, or motivating components of your speech. Having persuaded your audience, now move them to do something.

Last point, enthusiasm is catchy. Stimulate your audience to feel something, do something, or both. Reach your listeners deeply by creating enthusiasm by you being enthusiastic.