Small Business Growth Tips – How To Give Yourself The Perfect Christmas Present for Business Growth

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? While you ponder what to get everyone else, I have a question for you: What are you going to give yourself for Christmas? No, it’s not at all tacky to give something to yourself. In fact, it’s important to do so, especially if you consider what it could do for your small business growth.

Think about it. There are a lot of people who depend on you one way or another, and if you’re not at your best, you won’t be able to be there for them.So on of the best gift you can give everyone else is to take care of yourself.

There is a reason why those airline safety videos tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others. And since you’re a business owner, taking care of yourself is also a key to growing your business. In fact, it’s a key to your business’s very survival. And one of the foremost ways to take care of you is to invest in yourself.

Now investing in yourself can take several different forms: You can invest in your physical self — to make sure you’re healthy and full of energy. You can invest in your emotional self and even in your spiritual self, to help yourself function at your peak.

And, of course, you should also invest in your professional self — whether it’s by learning new things or by updating your skills, or preferably both.

So as you do your postmortem review for 2010, think about what worked and what didn’t work as well as you would have liked. Which goals did you achieve and which ones you missed. Think about which skills you may need to brush up on, or which new skills to develop or new information would take you to the next level in 2011. Then decide to invest in yourself to get there.

Sure, it may take a bit of money from your cash flow or reserves, but investing in your business is a fact of life. Just think about the difference some professional improvement could make in your bottom line!

For example, if you upgrade your networking skills and become even 50% more effective, imagine how many more people you’ll connect with that could result in more connections an bring you more business growth.

Or if you learn… how to get more referrals, attract more clients, improve your time efficiency or price your services better…. imagine how much your small business will grow as a result!

So don’t just buy presents for everyone else as you go about your Christmas shopping, this month take some time to assess what you need to develop and invest in yourself as well.