4 Effective Strategies to Harness the Power of Enthusiasm in Any Presentation!

These four tips are centered on one word. Enthusiasm!

You can spice up any presentation by being enthusiastic. Regardless of your background, topic, audience or your personality, you can be enthusiastic. How, you may ask?

By paying attention to the next four strategies…

o Speaking with feeling
o Think About your Audience
o Animated Delivery
o Enthusiasm that fits the Topic

1st Strategy – Speak With Feeling – Be emotionally involved in your subject. When preparing your presentation you will want to place yourself in the shoes of your listener. Maybe at one point you were exactly where they were.

Feel the material!

2nd Strategy – Think about Your Audience – You must have the conviction that your audience needs to hear the message you have prepared for them. Analyze why your listeners needs to hear your message.

Ask these two questions to yourself.

1. How will my listeners benefit from the information I am presenting?
2. How can I present it in a way that they will appreciate it?

Work and re-work the material until you have something to be excited about.

3rd Strategy – Animated Delivery – You can do this by use of facial expressions that fit the idea you are developing. You must sound convinced that you are sharing useful information.

Do not become too emotional though, you will detract from your message and make the focus on you. The will lessen your message, never do this.

4th Strategy – Enthusiasm That Fits the Topic – Your main points should always be presented enthusiastically. Build those peaks and climaxes in your presentation. These “peaks” and “climaxes” should be a call to action, or motivating components of your speech. Having persuaded your audience, now move them to do something.

Last point, enthusiasm is catchy. Stimulate your audience to feel something, do something, or both. Reach your listeners deeply by creating enthusiasm by you being enthusiastic.